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other. now it's time for investigators to get a closer look. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti joins me on the phone. we just had a conversation with the chairman of the national transportation safety board. she said there was one representative who left d.c. last night, more are on their way there now. what can you add for us, susan? >> reporter: of course the key question as i'm sure she indicated, how did it happen? you have the two commuter trains carrying about 250 people in all, one heading to new york city, one the opposite direction. the northbound train derails plowing near the southbound train. it's unclear how fast the trains were going but as you could imagine passengers were terrified. >> all of a sudden we just hear boom, and then we saw like smoke everywhere. and i was just with my two kids hugging them, embracing them. >> people almost flew over the seat. i held on but i'm okay. there's people that's hurt though. >> we went to the front of the train, kicked out windows. >> it will take a while to investigate and determine what happened, how fast they were going
injured in the accident remain hospitalized. one is still in critical condition. susan candiotti is live from bridgeport. the commute tomorrow is going to be a mess. that's got to be the understatement of the weekend, but at the same time, there's going to be a news conference. what might it reveal about where the investigation is going. >> we have two sets of electrified tracks out of commission right now and two key developments. the national transportation safety board investigators are making progress, and number two, you have massive repairs under way to try to get the tracks and line back in service. first on the investigation, they have recovered and begun retrieving information from the critical black boxes onboard both of the trains which will tell us among other things how fast the trains were going and for example, whether the brakes were applied, whether emergency brakes were applied as well. they're also focusing on a piece of fractured rail, broken rail that ntsb board numbers tell me could be significant. >> it might be the initiator of the accident or it might be that it
on this route. susan candiotti was there yesterday. she is live this morning in bridgeport, connecticut. good morning, susan. what can you tell us? what is threat last on the investigation? >> good morning, poppy. well, investigators for the national transportation safety board have been added all night long. and, look, they're working even at this hour you can see some of that of the opaeration going on at this time. they have bulldozers down there and trying to remove some of the cars which have already been cleared from the track and you can see a little more closely now some of the damage. parts of cars peeled back. they've got, clearly, a lot of work ahead of them. here to tell us more about it is board member earl. earl, you've been at it since yesterday morning and your team is looking over everything. you're making a bit of progress. one thing you told us you're concentrating on is you discovered a fracture on one part of the rail, involving one of the trains. the one that derailed yesterday. jumped the track. what are you looking for? >> well, we're really trying to understand whethe
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)